Big Ideas 2018

Research company ARK Invest has released their annual publication showcasing a selection of innovations that they believe will accelerate the pace of change.

Download the report by clicking here

Some highlights from the report:

On Mobility-as-a-service

  • Cost of Point-to-point mobility per mile has remained stable at around $0.70 (inflation adjusted) since the 1930’s, but is set to come down to $0.35 by 2021 with the rise of electric vehicles.
  • By 2022 electric vehicles should be cheaper than fossil fuel cars.
  • By the early 2020’s, electric drones should be able to transport a passenger to the airport for the same price as a taxi, but in a fraction of the time.
  • ARK expects global vehicle miles to increase two- to three-fold, but auto sales should be flat to down, thanks to the utilization of taxi fleets.

On Robotics:

  • In 2013 Amazon had 1,000 robots in its warehouses. In 2017 they had over 100,000.
  • Cost of industrial robots have come down siginificantly; robot demand is responding to lower costs.

On Deep Learning:

  • In 2016 DeepMind’s AlphaGo defeated global champion Lee Sedol in a game of GO. The AI program combined Deep Learning with Monte Carlo Tree Search and reached a major milestone ten years ahead of schedule.

  • Relative to the internet, Deep Learning could impact more sectors, causing more profound disruptive innovation across different industries, e.g. Miso Robotics launched an AI powered burger flipping robot.

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