Domestic Equity

Our primary source of alpha is derived from understanding the factors that impact the rate of change in any company’s earnings growth drivers, the extent to which this may change over time and the degree to which the market has priced in the expected change. This approach differs from the more traditional measure of “value investing” in that we do not rely on low valuation multiples as the primary driver of equity selection. Rather it is the differential in growth rates that occupies our thinking and informs our debate.


Global Equity

Our global equity offering aims to provide investors with a high long term total return. The objective is to deliver above average benchmark returns over the longer term through investing in a range of high-quality global companies that exhibit above average earnings growth relative to their sector peers and overall market.


Fixed Interest Funds

We have a value style approach to active bond management. The literature on value investing is richer for equities than for bonds, yet the philosophy is equally applicable. We have a strong preference for inference over forecasting, since economic forecasting is hazardous.

Our objective in fixed interest is the steady accretion of outperformance of both our clients’  benchmarks and our peer group of competitors.

Our historic results vindicate our portfolio management style.


Multi Asset Funds

We follow a regime based approach to determine the prevailing macro-economic environment and thus the appropriate asset allocation for multi-asset class funds.

Our focus is to achieve clients’ stated investment objectives with the least possible drawdown risk.

Value is added through fundamentally driven stock and bond selection.


Passive Funds

We offer a range of passive funds in the domestic equity and fixed interest space by tracking both the performance and risk of the client’s prescribed benchmark. Full replication is our preferred approach. We pay considerable attention to liquidity and carefully manage cash flows to ensure minimal tracking error. Our in house developed proprietary system is used to manage funds in line with published or bespoke indices.


Property Income Funds

The Vunani Property Income Funds affords investors the opportunity of participating in returns generated by the total property sector (a composite of direct and listed property investments). It eliminates much of the liquidity concerns associated with direct property investment whilst providing investors with significant diversification benefits.