Equity Funds

We believe in capturing sources of alpha in the market systematically. This is achieved in transparent manner using strategies which are consistent, robust, and objective, generating value-adding products and funds without increasing risk.

This is underpinned by the use of our superior technology.



Interest Bearing Funds

We have a value style approach to active bond management. The literature on value investing is richer for equities than for bonds, yet the philosophy is equally applicable. We have a strong preference for inference over forecasting, since economic forecasting is hazardous.

Our objective in fixed interest is the steady accretion of outperformance of both our clients’  benchmarks and our peer group of competitors.

Our historic results vindicate our portfolio management style.



Multi Asset Funds

We follow a regime based approach to determine the prevailing macro-economic environment and thus the appropriate asset allocation for multi-asset class funds.

Our focus is to achieve clients’ stated investment objectives with the least possible drawdown risk.

Value is added through fundamentally driven stock and bond selection.



Property Fund

The Vunani Property Income Funds affords investors the opportunity of participating in returns generated by the total property sector (a composite of direct and listed property investments). It eliminates much of the liquidity concerns associated with direct property investment whilst providing investors with significant diversification benefits.